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  1. happygoy says:

    Here’s a direct link to the bitchute video which can be viewed in full-screen: https://www.bitchute.com/video/UCNFnFAuQdgf/

  2. Excellent work, Kyle and Sinead.

    This topic is dear to me, so I shared it on my GAB page.
    I’ve also talked about this topic extensively on a few of my de Hewitt House of Radio: The Aryan Way broadcasts about a year ago.
    I lost a friend to opioids, which lead to him sticking a needle of heroin into his vein regularly. The last time he used, he evidently didn’t know there was fentanyl in the heroin, or I’m sure he would have used much less and would have been happy that he wouldn’t have to go to the hood to spend more $hekle$ on it for the rest of the week when it was time to buy the next bag off of some filthy niggroid. It being laced with fentanyl means he could have used much less as he would have got more junk for his buck.
    That is the junky mentality unfortunately.
    Why was my friend using heroin? Well, a doctor prescribed him oxy contin (thanks doc & jew Sackler family) after he injured his lower back in a motorcycle accident on the way home from work one night. He worked for a law firm doing research for their upcoming cases. He earned a Juris Doctorate, but he never passed the jewy Bar Exam.

    Consequently, my friend died with a needle in his arm in his own bathroom. His poor mother hadn’t heard from him in a while, so she drove to his place to check on him. I can only imagine her horror.

    I miss you, Eric… I hope you’re pain free wherever you are and are free of the poison (mentally) that killed you.

  3. It appears you and Kyle’s GAB page has been removed. I shared this documentary on my GAB page and mine too has since been scrubbed.
    I guess the two of you and myself are just a little too close to the anti-semitic truth, yet again.
    Keep up the good work Kyle and Sinead!

  4. Now both of your GAB pages are back up.
    I got a 404 page for both of you just a few minutes ago, but now both of your pages opened and are back. Mine opens, but my posts are gone.
    I apologize for leaving these few extra messages.
    I did share this on my GAB page, but it appears I’ve been scrubbed… unless it’s just my internet acting up or something?

  5. ovadiayosefgoybals says:

    so is there another part coming? there are only 2 parts so far right?
    i was hoping for a more present day expose, especially on the (((sackler family)))
    i notice (((they))) have been throwing some tiken gentiles under the bus as of late for this ,of course (((they))) never mention the (((sacklers)))

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